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Home Winterization

With home heating oil, gas and energy costs constantly on the rise it has never been more important to winterize your home. An improperly winterized home loses an alarming amount of heat, costing you innumerable amounts of money in wasted energy costs.

If you feel you're constantly turning up the thermostat or that the oil man is visiting your home a little too frequently, your home may be in need of Phils Handyman Services's home winterization services.

At Phils Handyman Services, we offer a complete range of home winterization and energy conservation services that will help you save money and the environment this winter.

We'll take a careful assessment of your home and check to see where the probable heat losses stem from. Once that’s done we'll outline a list of recommended measures and undertake all the necessary work to insure that your house becomes a well insulated, winterized haven.

Some of our standard home winterization services include:

  • Weather stripping installation
  • Sealing any heat losing cracks
  • Caulking
  • Window inspections
  • Bleeding water valves on heaters
  • Checking and replacing flashing

We are fully licensed and insured and prepared to help you completely winterize your home.

Get the most heat for your buck this winter with the help of a Phils Handyman Services home winterization. Call us today for a free estimate!